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Tableaux de Provence
Jean-Marie Londeix Premiere of 1958

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The following is an in-depth thesis on the life and music of
Paule Maurice:
Who is Paule Maurice? Her Relative Anonymity and its Consequences

(Photo Anthony's, Paris, collection
Bernard Lantier)


Pictured below is the first professional recording of Tableaux de Provence from the 1957 LP, Marcel Mule, released by Selmer with pianist Solange Robin

Selmer Paris LP - Marcel Mule

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Go to http://www.musimem.com/recherches.html and conduct a search for Pierre Lantier. Click on Prix de Rome 1930-1939 (link #4) and scroll down to the 1936 photos of Prix de Rome candidates. There are two photos where Paule Maurice is pictured with her husband and fellow composer, Pierre Lantier. Scroll down the page and you will find his 1998 memorium. He is described as "joining his wife," thirty-one years after her death in 1967 suggesting he never remarried.
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